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data science


Are you looking to increase efficiency? Reach new markets?  Solve complex problems? We work with you to understand your problems and translate them into actionable tasks.
​Design a solution

We look for the simplest, most effective way to reach your goal.

We use predictive machine learning models, statistical analysis, and customized algorithms to extract valuable insights from your data.

We know your data can be noisy, incomplete, and varied. We help collect, translate, and clean your data, and provide tools to maximize its value.

Deliver results

Our solutions will help you make decisions and maximize impact.

You need answers fast. We work within your time constraints.

We provide software, workflow integration, and documentation for lasting value.

Demonstrate impact

Our presentations, visualizations, and reports will help you understand the solution and communicate with customers, investors, and other stakeholders.


We make sure that all audiences understand our results.

data science


Are you designing a study, publishing a paper, submitting a grant, or developing policy? Is your data incomplete, noisy or complex? We will work with you to design a plan, answer key questions, and deliver statistically rigorous results. 
​Design the analysis

We can help you analyze datasets that you already collected or design new studies and analysis plans. 

We use a broad range of tools, including: 

  • Hypothesis testing using z-tests, t-tests, and likelihood ratio tests 

  • Regression analyses, including linear, logistic, and generalized linear models

  • Power calculations for all analyses 

  • Time series models, including survival analysis, exponential smoothing, state-space models, and autoregressive models 

  • Mixed-effects models for longitudinal studies and correlated data 

  • Robust statistical models to detect and remove outliers

  • Missing data imputation methods 

  • Uncertainty quantification methods 

  • Variable selection techniques such as LASSO

  • Epidemiological analyses, including meta-analysis and dose-response

  • Portfolio design and optimization for computational finance

Deliver results

We follow statistical best practices to provide clear and defensible results. 


Our reports and presentations are professional and easy to understand, and we take pride in our publication-quality graphics.


We will continue to support your project from planning to completion.

statistical analysis presentation
expert witness, civil and criminal cases


We provide expert reports and testimony involving statistical analysis and mathematical modeling in criminal and civil cases.
​Recent projects​

Provided statistical analyses and deposition testimony in insurance litigation related to COVID-19 in several U.S. District courts.

Prepared expert report and probabilistic model estimating chance of accidental laser strike on helicopter for a criminal case in federal court.

Provided expert report on the medical standard of care and risk factors for shoulder dystocia in medical malpractice litigation.

Prepared expert report evaluating recidivism models in a criminal case.

statistical analysis
litigation support
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