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data science, health care, optimization, expert



Over 15 years of experience in machine learning, statistical modeling techniques, optimization and scientific computing.

Advanced expertise in software development, including Python, R, MATLAB, and SQL.

High-impact publications in top-tier journals, including The Lancet and Nature Medicine.  

A track record of interdisciplinary collaborations, clear presentations, and high-impact results.

Healthcare Focus

Unique expertise in epidemiology, disease modeling, and computational analysis for global health research.


High-impact statistical analysis of health risks, healthcare access, and intervention efficacy.

Development of customized software tools for healthcare researchers.

Data-driven innovations for COVID forecasting, nutritional science, cancer research, cardiovascular health, non-communicable diseases, injuries, and environmental factors.

Aleksandr Aravkin, Sasha, expert, COVID-19, litigation

We bring a unique skillset and a highly collaborative approach to help you solve hard problems and achieve your goals.

Dr. Aleksandr (Sasha) Aravkin has over 15 years of experience developing cutting edge methods for large scale optimization, machine learning and data science. He has worked closely with partners across multiple industries and domain sciences including medical research and global health, geophysical imaging, aeronautics, and underwater navigation.  


Dr. Aravkin holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics (Optimization) and a M.S. in Statistics from the University of Washington (UW). He is an Associate Professor in the University of Washington Department of Applied Mathematics and Adjunct Associate Professor in the departments of Health Metrics Sciences, Mathematics, and Statistics. Dr. Aravkin has 128 publications, including peer reviewed journal papers, book chapters, and conference proceedings. As Director of Mathematical Sciences at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), Dr. Aravkin leads an elite team that works closely with domain experts and develops statistical and mathematical solutions to emerging problems in global health. Dr. Aravkin’s work has been published in top journals, including The Lancet and Nature Medicine.


Dr. Aravkin’s experience also includes serving as an expert witness and litigation consultant in criminal and civil matters requiring statistical analysis and mathematical modeling.

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